Jul 18th, 2014

This project was initiated by Philips because of their products designed for the medical world. Philips Data Design Lab asked our class to measure data about ourselves and visualise it. We had to work in groups of two, I teamed up with Amy Whittle. When Amy and I started this project we became interested in breathing because it is a vital function that can be subconscious as well as controlled. Our goal was to make people aware of their breathing habits by making breathing data more legible. As anyone can testify, taking a deep breath before a nerve-racking experience can calm that anxiety, but to what further extent can controlled breathing benefit the human body?

Through gathering primary breathing data taken during various activities, the aim of this project was to heighten awareness of subconscious breathing patterns, patterns that can then be overcome and controlled. We built an installation that represents a pair of human lungs and interacts with the measured breathing data. The installation creates a giant bubble, the suspended bubble is respirated using the collected data patterns. This piece was exhibited at Uncertainty Studios during the Dutch Design Week. 18-26 October 2014 from 11:00 - 19:00 at TAC Vonderweg 1, 5611 BK Eindhoven

Creative Applications and Fastcodesign both wrote about this project.

Philips Design, Group Innovation, High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

LUNG is developed in collaboration with the Data Design Team of Philips Design and the department of Interaction Design of ArtEZ Academy of the Arts.