Feedback Dynamics

Jul 20th, 2015

Feedback loops occur everywhere around us, climate change for instance. Some of these loops end up having a positive or negative effect, but they all end up shaping our environment. Feedback loops can be hard to observe as we only play a tiny part in most of them, or because many factors are involved which in turn might also be influenced by different feedback loops.

While it is very hard to capture all of these tiny reoccuring and selfadjusting loops, it is interesting to visualize how little influences from one feedback loop can end up adjusting the behaviour of other feedback loops.

By using a display and 43 lightsensors, 43 tiny feedback loops between the sensors and the display are created. Each of these lightsensors measure the brightness of the display and adjusts the brightness according to the measured value. Because some light from one feedback loop can accidentally leak on another light sensor, one feedback loop can distort the other one. All of these loops combined create a generative self correcting pattern.